Laurens Beijer was born and raised in Utrecht. His parents played in an ensemble,
specialising in Baroque music. Coming from a musical family, Laurens and his brothers
where encouraged to play instruments from a very young age. He graduated in 2013 at the
Utrecht School of Arts where he studied Music Production & Performance. In his third year,
he did a three month internship in Shanghai, at Massive Music, where he produced music
for commercials.

In 2014 he was Head of the Music Production Department for one semester at the
True School of Music in Mumbai.
There he was responsible for the lectures about music
production and songwriting.

He is always creating his own musical projects, where he collaborates with a lot of musicians
and continually tries to blend genres like funk, hip hop, jazz, soul and electronic music.
He is a drummer and bass player as well which makes him adept at incorporating those
instruments as a foundation for his own productions. Being a composer, producer, engineer
and musician, being versatile just comes natural to Laurens.